3G Communication Model - Short Description

The 3G communication model is a personality-related communication model.

Customized communication enables optimized personal or business communication.

With a standardized test for self-analysis, we will determine your individual characteristics of the components and determine their significance.

A test for external analysis or the free estimation method is used to determine the 3G characteristics in other people. They serve as a basis and guidance for the design of communication.

With the 3G system, we can continue to illuminate your team, your organization, even your product and the communication and external impact is optimized.

Furthermore, with the 3G system, the improvement of marketing is also possible and a perfect adaptation to corporate culture, organization and sales.

Quoted from 3G homepage:

The term "3G" means 3 basic genetic dispositions. They form an essential part of the basic structure of our personality. These three stable structural components (evidenced by a very high retest reliability) of the model, with their typical individual characteristics, result from the human developmental history, which in the developmental phases self-preservation, self-assertion and self-determination is repeated in time-lapse in every human being from birth to the beginning of adulthood. With their individually different forms, they form the model core and are necessary as sufficient to use them in the form of the 3G personality components "relationship orientation", "action orientation" and "factual orientation".

Due to their developmental background, the three components are biologically determined.

The 3G system provides the basic tools "self-analysis", external analysis and "communication" as well as specific application tools. The latter result from the practical classification of essential areas of corporate communication in the personal and object-related area. Depending on needs and questions, the results of the analyses provide the basis for the targeted measures. 3G thus provides appropriate means on both the survey side and the implementation side to make communication more personal and thus more efficient.

The result of the test procedures is a bar or column chart, the 3G profile. There is information about the individual expression of the three components. Each of the three components stands for itself and is neither better nor worse, more important or less important than the others. The result of the tests is free of evaluation!

The interpretation of the profile must always be done in conjunction with all three components. The multitude of the different influences of the three units determines the investment-related personality, which is by no means to be reduced to types. 3G is not a type model!

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