Sales training

I offer you different types of sales trainings. Before each training or workshop, we will select the content and duration of the event together.

The trainings consist of different modules, which we can weight differently. The integration of customer-specific examples is also desired, possible and useful.

The participants should find themselves in their everyday life and learn in a targeted manner and gain experience.

Typical trainings are:

Value proposition in the sales process (1.5 days)
Sales booster - Increase your order rate (run rate) (1.5- 2 days days)

The workshop will contain many exercises and group work
Number of participants: 6-12 (due to group work)

Typical contents of the trainings (learning nuggets) are following:
We will define and weight together the learning nuggets during our definition phase:

  • Sales funnel
  • New customer acquisition, existing customers
  • Objection treatment
  • Question technique
  • Presentation technique
  • Value selling (sell the value, not only the product)
  • Get the order
  • Communication in the sales process

Typical process: Definition call + 1,5 day workshop (approximately 12 hours).